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I have no Internet, no Exscribe, no Allscripts, and my phone isn't working
Last Updated 6 years ago

If you have no Internet and your Exscribe and Allscripts apps aren't working or are saying they can't connect chances are your phone is the issue; if your whole office isn't having the same issue. If you haven't already tried using your phone, give it a try to see if it is offline as well.

The majority of the computers around the office connect to the internet through the phones near them. If a phone stops working it will also kill the internet and network connection for the computer plugged into it.

The first thing to do is try restarting your phone. To do this unplug the Internet or LAN cord from the back of your phone and plug it back in. If things aren't working again after a few minutes the problem may be more serious. In this case you'll need help from IT regarding this issue, as you'll likely need to have your phone replaced. Please create an IT Support ticket, and select the status to Emergency option as we want to get something like this resolved quickly.

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