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Unable to scan in Exscribe and Allscripts
Last Updated 6 years ago

When you attempt to scan in Exscribe or Allscripts nothing happens. Maybe you see a little scan progress box, but nothing else.

1. Exscribe and Allscripts sometimes pop-up the scan window under themselves rather than on top. This means your scanning is working, you just don't see it because it's hiding behind the main window.

2. You scanner application has crashed.

1. Make sure you don't have a scanner window hiding on you by hovering your mouse over the Exscribe or Allscripts icon on the task bar to see if there are more windows open that you don't know about. If you see an extra window click on it to change over to it.

2. If option one is not the cause then option two probably is. In this case the easiest solution is to restart your computer.

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