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Scanner is scanning in one page at a time and/or no double sided scanning.
Last Updated 3 years ago

When scanning documents into Exscribe the scanner only pulls one page at a time and/or does not scan both sides of a document.

This will happen to anyone when they first login to a new computer, but once you make the change below it should pull in all pages and scan both sides.

Note: If you are also having issues with scans coming in rotated sideways please follow this FAQ link to correct both issues at the same time.
1. Click the Document Manager Icon on the left side of Exscribe to go to the Document Manager screen.

2. Right click on Scanners and select Acquire from RemoteScan.

3 On the bottom left side ensure that Use Document Feeder and Duplex Scan are both checked, then click Close.


Your scanner should now pull in all pages and scan both sides.

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