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How do I delete an account from the Patient Portal?
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you're unable to get a patient portal invite to go out to a patient, then the patient's portal account likely has incorrect contact information saved in the portal account. You must delete the portal account from the portal admin page, and then you should be able to generate a portal invite that will go to their corrected email address in Exscribe.

1. Click Tools => Patient Portal => Admin to enter the patient portal admin page.

2. Click Patient Accounts.

3. Select All Accounts from the Show: drop-down box.

4. Type the patient name, first name first, in the "Search for:" field.
Note: Sometimes you need to include the patient's middle initial.
5. Click on the patient's name when it comes up in the list.
6. Click Delete to delete the patient's portal account.

7. Click OK to confirm portal account deletion, and close out of the Patient Portal admin page.

You may now send an invite as you normally would from Exscribe. Double check that all contact info is correct before doing so, or you will need to repeat the process if you have to make any corrections.

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