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How do I reset an Exscribe Patient Portal Account?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Issue: You have tried to send a patient a portal invite, but the patient is never getting the email with the invite, or is having trouble registering.

Cause: This is usually caused if the invite was sent before the patient's correct email address was in Exscribe. Once a portal account has been created, it is stuck with the email that was on file a the time, and updating it in Exscribe will not update it in the portal. This can also be an issue if a name was misspelled and corrected, the last four of the SSN was updated to the correct one, or the birthday was corrected. All of that info is required to complete registration, and whatever was in Exscribe when the Portal account is created is what is in the Portal account.

Solution: To correct this you must erase the existing patient portal account, and then send a new invite from Exscribe. Be sure that all the info in Exscribe is correct before you start, or you will wind up repeating this process.


1. In Exscribe go to Tools - Patient Portal and click on Admin.


2. It will take a few seconds, but when the above screen comes up click on Patient Accounts.


3. Click the drop-down arrow above and select All Accounts.


4. In the Search for box type the patient's name with the first name, a space, and the last name.

  • If you don't see the patient, and the patient has a middle initial, you may need to include the middle initial to find them. 
  • If the patient's name was misspelled and was corrected, you will need to put the misspelled version of the name in.

5. Select the patient from the search results by clicking on them, then click the Delete button.


6. Return to the patient's chart, and you will see that you have the option to send the initial invitation to the Portal again. Verify that all this info is correct, and click Send Invitation to send the Portal invite to the patient. It should go through now.

NOTE: You may not be able to find the patient after going through all of this, and if you are unable to find them you will need to put a support ticket into IT. We will need to put a ticket in with Exscribe to go into the database and delete the portal account from there. This can happen if someone else changed the patient's name in Exscribe after the portal account was originally created. Unless you know the patient's previous name or the way it was misspelled, you will be unable to locate them.

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