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How to delete an OMR from an encounter
Last Updated 3 years ago

In some cases you may have made a mistake when scanning in an OMR for a patient encounter. Exscribe will only use the first OMR scanned, so you can use the steps below to change the OMR being used to the correct one and/or delete the incorrect one.

Typically the OMR history forms will be the primary history document. That can be changed by going into the Properties tab of the superbill, scroll down to find Primary History, then left-click the red X to remove that history note as the Primary one. Deleting the incorrect OMR note will also remove it from that section.

To add one, it is also in the Properties tab of the superbill. Navigate to that section, and left-click on the Select button, and you will be prompted to choose a history note.

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